Q4 | Torys Quarterly • Fall 2022
Canadian sector report

New rules are in play across industries as business leaders look to square corporate strategy with new government policy, changing market dynamics and evolving stakeholder values.

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A new era for energy and infrastructure

Governments and businesses are gathering new expertise, resources and approaches to address Canada’s rapidly evolving energy and infrastructure industries.

Many climate transition plans are, in effect, plans for major organizational change … A company facing such a significant transition must fully embrace its climate strategy as an organization-wide priority.
— Net zero in the boardroom: getting oversight right in a changing energy landscape

Banks and investors adapt

Adaptation has been a key ingredient to success for financial institutions and investors in their response to market turbulence and new regulatory policy.

While buyers valued their targets at lower valuations [after this year’s public market correction], sellers initially held firm on valuations. That valuation gap has begun to shrink in recent months, as sellers accept a new M&A reality.
— Financial services trends: what’s next in M&A and regulation

Unlocking potential in the life sciences

Right now, there is a wealth of opportunity in the Canadian life sciences as the sector matures at an accelerated pace spurred by the catalytic effects of the pandemic.

New life sciences funds are being raised with an eye toward investing in undervalued companies … However, in an industry that requires significant funding before sales can be made, the question is whether there will be enough contrarians to provide funding for the undervalued gems.
— Life sciences innovation a true bellwether of sector’s strength

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