Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Diverse skills and perspectives are the building blocks of the best ideas and most sophisticated thinking. Across our culture and operations, we pursue tangible and meaningful ways to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.
Our Vision

To promote a workplace that engages the full potential of our people, where they can thrive as their authentic selves, and where the values of collaboration, collegiality and mutual respect are integrated in everything we do.


Our Ethos

At Torys, we passionately protect our values. They are what make us successful and, over the years, have sown the seeds of quality relationships—within our firm, with clients, in the legal profession and across our communities. Good people building good relationships is the essence of who we are.

Torys has long emphasized the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in providing excellent service to our clients. By attracting, recruiting, and retaining professionals from across diverse cultures and backgrounds, we bring together a breadth of experience that widens the lens of our perspective. It allows the best ideas to rise to the top and makes us better stewards of our clients’ matters. That is why our commitment to fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace, where innovation and professional excellence thrive, is a business imperative at Torys.

We take a data-driven, holistic approach with our DEI Strategy, which is integrated with the broader strategy of the firm and informed by firmwide DEI assessments on a consistent basis. This allows us to direct our efforts to effecting real change towards achieving our DEI goals.

Currently, we have categorized our goals into five pillars, with a focus across multiple diversity dimensions:

  • Engagement and connectivity
  • Diverse workforce recruitment
  • DEI education and awareness
  • Talent development
  • Workload allocation and wellness

We believe it is incumbent on everyone at Torys—our leaders, lawyers, students and staff—to be committed to our DEI goals for our success. To accelerate our progress, our DEI Committee plays a critical role in our DEI governance structure, providing diverse perspectives, monitoring our progress, and holding us accountable to the commitments we have made.

DEI Committee Members

Our Programs and Initiatives

In fulfilling our strategic objectives, we focus on a range of programs and initiatives designed for our firm members to feel empowered, supported and valued for their unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together firm members from all offices who share (or share an interest in) similar experiences or backgrounds, enabling our people to network with colleagues in the same community as well as strengthen relationships with others as allies and supporters.

ERGs play a key role by advising and participating in our recruitment processes, strengthening relationships with our clients through shared values, and making broader societal impacts alongside community organizations through strategic partnerships and pro bono work.

  • Asian Professionals ERG
  • Black Professionals ERG
  • Francophone Professionals ERG
  • Indigenous Professionals ERG
  • Jewish Professionals ERG
  • LGBTQ2S+ Professionals ERG
  • Muslim Professionals ERG
  • Parent Professionals ERG
  • Women Professionals ERG

We believe effective mentorship is essential to fostering social connectedness, professional growth, skill development and knowledge sharing among our firm members. It empowers individuals to reach their full potential while enhancing collaboration and cultivating a work culture that is true to Torys’ values.

Through the support of our Professional Resources Team and our ERGs, we connect our students and lawyers with colleagues who share experiences, insights, support and guidance. We host a variety of mentoring events throughout the year and annually recognize our outstanding mentors during Mentor Month.

Investing in health and wellbeing

At Torys, the health and wellbeing of all our firm members and their families matter to us. The Wellness@Torys team is dedicated to curating a program that fosters and promotes our people’s whole health, with resources spanning mental, physical, family and financial health. We are continually assessing and evolving our resources to ensure they are meaningful, relevant and accessible. Some of our wellness offerings include extended coverage for therapeutic counseling expenses; a premiere health and wellness education platform; virtual care for our firm members and their dependents; a wellness reimbursement; and speakers, events and awareness campaigns to encourage people to learn and engage with wellness and mental health issues. We have a team of Wellness Navigators across our offices who are equipped to provide our firm members with confidential, individualized support, assistance and information.

Part of our commitment to health and wellbeing also means supporting our people as their needs change throughout their careers. Our customized approach allows our people to bring their best selves to work with the support through leave programs, benefits or temporary arrangements.

Inclusivity training and professional development

We are committed to the professional and personal development of our firm members. Through a series of programming for all our professionals, we aim to empower our people with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their roles, promote collaboration and contribute to a workplace where all perspectives and experiences are valued and respected.

We offer firm-wide programming in addition to career-stage-focused substantive and professionalism training at the junior-, mid-, and senior-levels. This includes our Torys-Rotman Business Leadership Program, which is the product of an extensive and collaborative effort of Rotman faculty and Torys leadership. The four-month program is delivered by some of the country’s preeminent instructors at the Rotman School of Management. Participants leave with executive-level business training, insights and perspectives to enhance their leadership potential and performance and to drive innovation.

It is also important to us that we have safe spaces for our people to have honest, and sometimes difficult, conversations while promoting continuous learning, growth and self-awareness. That is why our firm-wide education focuses on key aspects that contribute to an equitable and inclusive workplace. Topics include disrupting unconscious biases and microaggressions, understanding systemic barriers that underrepresented communities face, as well as education on anti-racism, workplace harassment and discrimination awareness training.


Our commitment to DEI is at the forefront of our recruitment strategy. We believe a diverse workforce with unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives will not only enrich our culture but also drive innovative thinking, professional excellence and enable us to deliver the best service to our clients.

We aim to create a culture that is reflective of the communities in which we practice while striving for a more equitable and inclusive future. That requires a concerted effort to ensure that our recruitment practices are focused on creating inclusive spaces and mitigating bias. In advance of each recruit, our interviewers participate in annual unconscious bias awareness and inclusive interview workshops to reinforce these priorities.

We know certain equity-seeking groups are severely underrepresented in law schools as many do not have access or the opportunity to pursue legal education. As part of our holistic approach, we invest heavily in programs that support undergraduate and high school students from equity-seeking communities.

  • Black Future Lawyers Program. Torys, together with another peer law firm, led a partnership with 14 leading Canadian law firms to commit $1.75 million over the next 10 years support programming and opportunities to Black undergraduate students who aspire to go to law school.
  • Torys is a founding member and host firm of the Avenue internship, a 12-week paid internship program to help Black undergraduate students gain real-world experience in the legal industry.
  • Torys is proud to partner with Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS), an education engagement and support program for high school students facing barriers to postsecondary access.
Torys 1L Scholar Connect workshop

Torys is excited to launch the Torys 1L Scholar Connect workshop in 2024, which will provide law students from equity-seeking communities with programming focused on professional development, networking and mentorship. Visit our Student Program page to learn more.

Supporting our communities

At Torys, our lawyers and staff are dedicated to serving the public interest and making positive change in our society. We also strive to foster community development through strategic partnerships, fundraising for important causes and maintaining a robust pro bono program. To learn more, visit our Social Impact and Sustainability page.

We partner with many organizations that advance the interests of equity-deserving groups within the legal industry and beyond, including (but not limited to):

  • Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Council on Inclusive Work Environments
  • Pride at Work
  • Legal Education Action Fund
  • Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers
  • South Asian Bar Association
  • Canadian Association of Black Lawyers
  • Young Women in Law

We are proud signatories of the BlackNorth Initiative Law Firm Pledge and the 30% Club, both of which are initiatives committed to driving positive change and promoting DEI within the legal profession and beyond. We are also one of the founding members of the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network (LFDIN). In May 2013, we joined 15 other Canadian law firms in signing the Statement of Principles of the LFDIN, agreeing to work together to promote diversity and encourage a culture of inclusion not only inside the firms but also in the broader legal profession.

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