Torys Ranked #1 in M&A

We’re proud to be ranked first in M&A in Canada according to Bloomberg, as well as being the only Canadian firm ranked among the top 20 M&A advisers in the world.

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Our culture and relationship-driven values help the best ideas rise to the top, and aid our lawyers as teams and individuals in serving our clients, the legal profession and our communities to the fullest.


We take great pride in the groundbreaking work of our infrastructure team, but nothing makes us prouder than supporting bold new ideas that will change the future of Canadian infrastructure. Learn about our collaboration with CanInfra.

CanniMed Poison Pill Cease Traded; Hard Lock-Ups Recognized as Legitimate Hostile Bid Tool

Will a deal consolidating two Canadian cannabis companies serve as the final death knell for the poison pill?

Regulators not only blocked CanniMed’s attempted poison pill defending Aurora’s hostile bid—they also confirmed that hard lock-ups are a legitimate way for buyers to commit the target company’s shareholders to the hostile bid.

Our experts discuss defence tactics and more in this bulletin.

Thomson Reuters saled of F&R Unit to Blackstone

Ontario Joins Linked North American Carbon Market

Ontario’s cap-and-trade system has now joined the carbon market in California and Québec. We discuss the changes that 2018 will bring.

Good Governance a "Must" in Cannabis: Cheryl Reicin Opinion in the Globe and Mail

Fast-moving cannabis companies have reaped the many rewards of having first-mover advantage, but it is now time to take a sober second look at broader business practices to ensure they are in line with similarly large and established players in other fields.

The pressing matter at hand? Playing catch-up with corporate governance. Our partner discusses the topic in this op-ed.

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Relationship Building with Indigenous Peoples – A Beneficial Strategy for Project Proponents and Operators

Read our expert team's recommendations.

The "Chain of Tipping": Andrew Gray and Rebecca Wise Discuss Insider Trading and Finkelstein in the Financial Post

How do courts treat tippees at various levels of the chain? We examine.

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Cybersecurity Disclosure: SEC Publishes Guidance for Public Companies

The SEC’s statement urges public companies to adopt comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Interac reorganizes corporate structure
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