Torys’ COVID-19 Response

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, at Torys we are implementing our business continuity plan to ensure our people will remain safe while our clients continue to be well served.

All of our offices are working remotely. We remain fully accessible and committed to serving our clients as usual and we are in regular communication with all our people and our clients as the circumstances continue to evolve.

Read more about the steps we have taken in our response to COVID-19.

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Emerging Companies and VC
Largest First Nations-Led Power Project

Torys in 10: Private equity in 2020: what are industry leaders saying?

Listen to Mike Akkawi and Guy Berman dive into some of the findings from our inaugural private equity sentiment survey, PE Pulse.

Hear from the pair as they talk about the large deal sizes the PE market saw in 2019 and the reported expectations that these deal sizes will stay the same or increase moving forward as well as fundraising and how pension fund survey respondents said their allocation of private equity will either stay the same or increase throughout the year.

Two female Torys lawyers discussing a legal matter

Our culture and relationship-driven values help the best ideas rise to the top, and aid our lawyers as teams and individuals in serving our clients, the legal profession and our communities to the fullest.

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Spotlight on Sedona Canada's eDiscovery initiatives for 2020 and beyond

Rachael Jastrzembski breaks down the outcome of a Sedona Canada brainstorming session.

Top 5 securities litigation and enforcement issues to kick off 2020

The sustained bull market has been a key contributor to the continued low volume of individual investor loss claims. As the markets continue to perform, we do not expect to see a significant increase overall in investor loss claims in 2020.

Our securities defence practice covers these and other trends that market participants will want to be aware of in the year ahead.

Read the article in our Torys Quarterly.

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SCC rules on police conduct

Charles Keizer discusses the importance of decision making over rash policy shifts

Hear partner Charles Keizer's comments from his appearance on TVO's "The Agenda".

Being bold: Kristine Di Bacco’s Q&A with #movethedial

Kristine Di Bacco sat down with #movethedial and provided advice on how founders can be bold when looking for investment.

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Ronak Shah says new tort could have implications for business

Learn how Ontario’s new privacy tort could have implications for “publishers and public statements by businesses”.

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OSC reinforces board governance imperatives

An OSC decision has focused regulators and investors on the role of the Board and Board conduct in relation to change of control, among other things.