Life sciences in Canada: new frontiers, new strategies
How do life sciences industry players and investors on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border navigate an ever-changing ecosystem? In this series, we discuss what’s next for this rapidly transforming sector.

Featured video: So you’re coming to Canada, eh? An overview of Canada’s laws affecting the medical device industry

Canada’s medical device market is highly diversified and mature—providing great opportunity to manufacturers who wish to enter it. However, Canada also has some of the most stringent medical device laws in the world.

In this video, Grant Worden, Teresa Reguly and Albert Chan explain the key differences in Canadian medical device laws versus other jurisdictions, such as:

  • How the regulatory process works
  • The requirements you need to meet for approval from Health Canada
  • When can software be classed as a medical device

Click here for a transcript of this video.

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