Q3 | Torys Quarterly • Summer 2022
Spotlight on U.S. business

Our New York office gives us their latest commentary on the state of play in the U.S. as businesses respond to global volatility, shifting regulator focus, and changing market practices.

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We share recent trends we are seeing in U.S. M&A that dealmakers will want to keep top of mind for deals south of the border.

Understanding the U.S. tax classification of the target is critical to understanding the tax impact of acquiring it … Business entities may be classified as corporations, partnerships, or disregarded entities, and entities generally may choose their classification.
— Key tax issues when buying a U.S. business


From trends in private funds and private equity financing to a jurisdictional deep dive for anyone setting up a real estate fund, our New York team gives us the latest on U.S. funds.

The jurisdiction you select for your next real estate fund or real estate fund investment is one of the most important decisions in your investment strategy. Decisions made at the beginning bear critical implications throughout the life of the fund.
— U.S., Europe or Canada: Where should you set up a real estate fund?

Capital markets and corporate governance

Amid a period of significant change, it is more critical than ever for companies to understand the evolving regulatory, governance and risk environment in U.S. business.

Nearly anyone contemplating a transaction, whether M&A, lending, capital markets, supply chain or otherwise, outside North America and Western Europe must be cognizant of [U.S.] economic sanctions and their potential impact.
— The changing U.S. regulatory landscape: takeaways for business

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