Torys Quarterly Piece on Sponsor-to-Sponsor Deals Featured in PE Hub Canada

October 19, 2018

A Q4 Torys Quarterly article on the unique dynamics of sponsor-to-sponsor M&A transactions has been featured in PE Hub Canada.

The Growing Appeal of Sponsor-to-Sponsor deals in Canada” originally appeared in the Q4 fall edition of the Torys Quarterly and was co-authored by partners Guy Berman, Brett Saulnier, Laurie N. Duke and Stefan P. Stauder.

A small excerpt of the article is below.

Sponsor-to-sponsor M&A transactions have unique dynamics that affect both speed and intensity.

With a sophisticated PE fund on either side, the parties and their advisors will know the important issues to focus on and be able to devote more time to the sale process generally.

By leveraging M&A experience and knowledge of the target company and considering representation and warranty insurance as an effective way to limit tail liability, the parties in a sponsor-to-sponsor sale can ensure a smooth process resulting in a good deal for both sides.

For more relevant news and legal insight, see the Q4 Torys Quarterly, which focuses on sector influences and discusses USMCA, hostile M&A in the oil patch and the influence of technology on the changing rules of corporate governance.


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