Sector Influences

A new trade deal for North America, hostile M&A in the oil patch, and technology changing the rules of corporate governance: as 2018 rounds its final lap, we examine changes to business across sectors.


Governments in action

USMCA may be the biggest story of government influencing business in 2018, but trade deals aside, the public sector has been busy this year making decisions that will have an impact on industry.

The timing of changes to IP rules depends on the uncertain timing of the ratification and implementation of USMCA.
— NAFTA 2.0: The Wide-Ranging Impact of USMCA

Sectors and dealmaking

Sector developments in energy, infrastructure, private equity and more are shaping the broader M&A landscape.

Expect investment and M&A activity in the clean energy sector to carry on as companies set targets and Canada focuses on being a global leader in clean energy.
— State of Play in Canadian Oil and Gas M&A


From data breach crises to social media disclosure rules: technology is changing the way we approach corporate governance. And an upcoming SCC review may force businesses to hit reset on how they regulate themselves.

Social media communications are short and casual, but are no less significant under securities laws than formal disclosures in a company’s filings.
— Public Companies’ Uneasy Relationship With Social Media

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