Video: Life sciences product liability litigation trends

A sneak preview for the second installment of our webinar series, “The future of life sciences in Canada”

Product liability litigation remains a challenging, business-critical risk for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

In our latest video, Grant Worden, Nicole Mantini and Sylvie Rodrigue give us a sneak peek into the discussion in their upcoming webinar on October 8 on life sciences product liability litigation, including:

  • recent changes to the Ontario Class Proceedings Act and the impact these changes may have on class action proceedings nationwide, including on the plaintiffs’ choice of jurisdiction to commence future class proceedings in Canada (potential for “forum shopping” in jurisdictions with less stringent requirements);
  • the management of multi-jurisdictional class actions and the different approaches taken by the judiciary across the country, including by the federal court, to resolve the issues caused by multiple overlapping class proceedings moving forward at the same time; and
  • events that can precipitate product liability class actions, the rise of “mass tort” claims in Canada, and whether “mass tort” actions will become a more popular vehicle for advancing multiple claims, particularly in light of the changes to the Ontario Class Proceedings Act.

Register for the upcoming webinar here and play the teaser video below for a conversation on new legal and regulatory developments on product liability litigation.

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