Canadian Sector Report

In 2019, businesses in Canada have been busy confronting—and adapting to—significant market, regulatory and legal change across every sector.


Emerging sector trends

Growing sectors are managing new realities in their markets as they continue to develop.

Financial institutions in Canada are working to make the most of what the cloud has to offer while mitigating regulatory risk at the same time.
—  How can Canada’s banks stay ahead of the cloud curve?

Regulatory and political impact

Key sectors in Canada are feeling the influence of a shifting regulatory and political landscape.

Years of pressure have taken their toll on Canada’s oil and gas industry. It will take time for investors to rebuild their confidence in the Canadian regulatory and political climate such that we see capital spend flowing to the sector, and there is no imminent improvement expected following the recent federal election.
— Pipeline problems persist in Canadian oil and gas


What should the role of privilege be in internal investigations? And when’s the right time to file a motion for security? Our litigators discuss.

There are no hard and fast rules with respect to claims of privilege over the investigation report.
— Privilege claims in internal investigations

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