Video: Navigating life sciences procurement and responding to RFPs

A sneak preview for the fourth installment of our webinar series, “The future of life sciences in Canada”

What challenges and opportunities exist in the public procurement of pharmaceutical products and medical devices by hospitals, health authorities and group procurement organizations? What practical insights should be considered when responding to RFPs?

In their latest video, Phil Symmonds, Tom Yeo, Adam Banack, and Grant Worden give a sneak peek on some of the topics being discussed in our upcoming life sciences webinar on navigating procurement and responding to RFPs, including:

  • the importance of companies being strategic in how they respond to procurement opportunities and being as pro-active as possible;
  • preparing your response and things to consider while an RFP is open;
  • circumstances where a procuring authority has a right, under the trade treaties and government protocols, to conduct a non-competitive procurement; and
  • general points to consider in determining when and how to challenge an RFP process.

Play the teaser below, and be sure to register for our webinar on November 19.

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