Lisa Talbot on the benefits of virtually recruiting board directors

June 01, 2021

As employees continue to work remotely across the globe, many organizations have had to rethink strategies and processes in order to effectively adapt to the new virtual working environment.

Reflecting on the move to the digital office, the May/June edition of the Director Journal’s column Directors’ Dilemma addresses concerns relating to the virtual recruitment of new directors and poses the question: “How do we successfully recruit a new board member virtually?” The column provides guidance from industry experts on the topic.

The article notes that while virtual recruitment may initially seem to present obstacles to hiring suitable board members, there are ways to fine-tune your recruitment strategies.

Head of Torys’ Employment Practice Lisa Talbot told Directors’ Dilemma that from the onset of the pandemic it was unimaginable to recruit a director without meeting in person, but throughout the past year, boards have embraced virtual recruiting. 

“There is even a growing recognition that it has advantages,” Lisa said.

“Scheduling is less complicated, the process can be expedited, and a broader group of directors can be involved without the necessity of travel.”

You can read the full column here.

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