Co-investments not slowing down anytime soon

May 08, 2019

A Torys-authored comprehensive report on the latest trends in co-investments was featured by PE Hub Canada.

The original piece – authored by Guy Berman, Stefan Stauder, Jamie Becker and Sophie Courtois appeared as a part of the Q2 edition of Torys Quarterly.

PE Hub Canada published the story, which focuses on several trends, including fee terms, dedicated co-investment vehicles, co-investment timing and stapling. Below is a small excerpt of the article.

Investor appetite for co-investments is so strong that investors are often willing to make the commitment to the primary fund in order to get their desired co-investment allocation.

We are also starting to see sponsors use co-investments to build or grow relationships with prospective or existing limited partners through quasi-stapling. That is, sponsors offer co-investment opportunities to investors who are not currently limited partners in their primary funds with the aim of securing an investment in one of the sponsor’s primary funds in the future.

The Q2 edition of the Torys Quarterly focuses on changes in regulators, courts and new technologies forcing organizations to evolve and act quickly in order to remain competitive.


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