Bulletin on Changes to USMCA Featured in The Patent Lawyer

December 06, 2018

A Torys bulletin that outlines some intellectual property considerations on the back of USMCA has been featured by a key industry magazine.

The USMCA: Good News for Intellectual Property Rights Holders,” appeared in the annual issue of The Patent Lawyer. It was authored by Torys lawyers, Eileen McMahon, Teresa A. Reguly, Kevin Tuohy, Edward T. Fan, Yolande Dufresne, Tasha De Freitas, Michele Clarizio and Alicja Puchta.

The republication of the bulletin details areas of intellectual property most likely to be effected by the USMCA and predicts what Canadian’s can expect moving forward under the new agreement. A small excerpt is shown below.

Canada has various transition periods to implement its IP-related obligations after the USMCA comes into force, ranging from two and a half years to five years, depending on the obligation. It is notable that Canada has been on the “watch list” of the Office of the United States Trade Representative as a country that does not adequately protect or enforce patent rights. Several of these changes bring Canada more closely in line with U.S. IP rights.

The bulletin was originally published in October 2018.

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