Montréal's Fifth Anniversary Lauded by Le Monde Juridique

April 12, 2018

Québec legal publication Le Monde Juridique has spoken about Torys’ Montréal office as it celebrates its fifth anniversary this April.

In its most recent edition, the French publication ran a story that spoke of the office’s rise from humble beginnings, all built on a culture of people, rather than profit.

The article touches on the strategic recruitment the firm has followed from the outset, how it’s service offering has development with the its clients’ needs and how the Montréal office thrives on the firm’s one-team mentality.

“We’re not really ‘Torys Montréal’, we’re just ‘Torys’,” Torys Montréal Managing Partner Sylvie Rodrigue said.

“We are one litigation group in the firm, not two litigation groups in two offices.

“It’s this one-team mentality that really separates us from other law firms and has contributed to the success of the Montréal office over the last five years.”

Sylvie also spoke of importance of culture and how that that affected recruiting decision.

“In the first 12 months of being in Montréal we were constantly approached by lawyers wanting to join the firm,” she said.

“It’s a great problem to have but we didn’t just fling the doors open to anyone. We handpicked people who we knew would thrive in our culture, and that’s not that easy to find.

“We could have 50 lawyers by now if we wanted to but achieving a certain number was never the goal, responding to client needs while preserving Torys culture is the goal.

“The culture of the firm is protected like gold and we’ll never compromise it. It seems so simple but it’s amazing how unique that can be in law firms.”

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