Q1 | TORYS QUARTERLY • winter 2019

What to Expect in 2019

Geopolitical and economic uncertainty may pose some challenges, but there is still room for growth as technology continues its sweeping transformation of business and industry.


Cross-border outlook

Trade wars, political tension and other global trends introduce new complexity to cross-border business.

There is no denying that the nature of recent events has the potential to put downward pressure on dealmaking.
— World events will set the tone for Canadian M&A in 2019

Spotlight on AI

The confluence of advances in AI and big data have far-reaching implications for business.

Breaches of confidentiality agreements may lead to significant reputational harm in the event of a dispute with a customer and may open the target up to a real risk of liability or injunctive orders hindering the operation of the target’s business.
— AI investment and M&A activity: grappling with risk and reaping rewards

Canadian trends

We examine domestic developments affecting business and law in the year ahead.

If meaningful consultation has not occurred… it may be time to consider how meaningful consultation can be achieved and what work may need to be done with the Crown and any potentially affected Indigenous people to achieve this.
— Indigenous consultation in 2019: an outlook for project proponents

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