Pot, Pipelines and Pollution: Business Needs Clarity on Federalism

Partner and Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice head Andrew Bernstein has co-authored a piece for the Globe and Mail on federalism in the wake of some significant national issues being discussed in the public forum.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruling in R. v Comeau as well as the Trans Mountain Pipeline in the west of the country, has raised debate on federalism in the country. Andrew and articling student Stefan case co-authored a piece on these issues. A small excerpt of the article is below.

With all of these federal-provincial disputes on the legal horizon, businesses in the various industries involved are in a holding pattern. They will have to wait to see how and when the different layers of government choose to regulate and carefully pick their battles. After all, any one law or regulatory action may come into or out of vogue with different governments, but legislation and regulation itself are here to stay.

Andrew and Stefan’s article originally appeared in the Q2 Spring edition of the Torys Quarterly.

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