Ontario Expands Pharmacists' Vaccine Access and Administration

New amendments to Ontario regulations have given pharmacists access to a wider catalogue of vaccines that they are able to provide. Previously, pharmacists in Ontario were only able to administer a limited set of vaccines. As a result, Ontario residents will be able to experience improved vaccine accessibility. The changes may also bolster the availability of services provided by manufacturer-sponsored patient support programs by allowing partnerships between vaccine/pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacists.

What You Need To Know

  • In addition to the influenza vaccine, pharmacists are now permitted to administer travel vaccines, certain vaccines for preventable diseases, as well as injectable biologics.
  • Patients will still need to obtain a prescription for some vaccines from their family physician before a pharmacist can administer it.
  • Pharmacists wishing to administer injections must successfully complete injection training approved by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, maintain valid certification in CPR and First Aid, and register their training with the College.
  • The amendments went into effect on December 15, 2016.

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