Mid-year Outlook

Against a backdrop of ongoing global uncertainty, the first half of 2019 has seen positive dealmaking momentum as business leaders prepare their M&A, governance and innovation strategies for the rest of the year.

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Volatility from macroeconomic forces continues to be met with agile investors getting their deals through.

Despite trade tensions, cross-border M&A is at a historic high.
— Big deals, trade tensions and sector shifts: mid-year M&A update

Governance trends

New regulation continues for public companies, as well as best practices to keep workplace cultures healthy.

Emphasizing the importance of ethical behaviour is vital to developing a positive workplace culture.
— Fostering workplace culture through internal investigations

Technology and legal innovation

Legal-sector AI innovation, process improvement and digitized regulatory practices.

AI will be an increasingly important tool in the future and lawyers will be fast out of the gate to integrate these technologies as they emerge.
— Intelligent transformation: AI in the legal industry

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