2020 Business Outlook

Mega-deals, VC trends, developments in sustainable finance and more: get our insights on what business leaders will need to watch in the year ahead.

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Big deals propelled M&A in Canada last year in spite of global volatility. What effect will this have on deals in the year ahead?

Debt financing can be a strategic alternative for certain revenue-generating startups. Innovations in startup debt financing have begun to address the traditional cost of borrowing through debt financing.
—From "2020 trends in venture capital"

Governance and strategy

Regulators continue to address the role companies should play in issues of broad importance, including climate change and diversity.

Directors and management should conduct self-assessments related to their climate change-related risk assessment expertise as well as considering investors' perspectives on related issues.
—From "Preparing for the 2020 Proxy Season: Key governance matters in Canada"


2020 appears set to continue the ongoing engagement between courts and governments in Canada, with serious implications for court proceedings and pipeline projects alike.

Cryptocurrencies-related issues continue to be at the forefront of securities regulatory efforts, and we expect this trend to continue in 2020, with ongoing scrutiny on crypto issuers.
—From Top 5 securities litigation and enforcement issues to kick off 2020

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