Q4 | Torys Quarterly • Fall 2023
Infrastructure and energy report

Increased engagement with energy transition is revolutionizing the way projects get done at every stage of the process. We explore what’s next for project proponents and investors.


The big picture

A new blueprint for Canadian infrastructure and energy is being written, with energy transition a top priority and agent of change for industry, investors and policymakers.

Investing and financing

With the viability of many of the capital-intensive green projects on the horizon still uncertain, public and private sectors are forging new paths to getting deals done and shovels in the ground.

Not only are investors allocating more capital to renewables—they are also shifting focus from one-off plays to platform growth.
Increase in renewables deals provides boost to infrastructure M&A

Industry innovation

Across sectors, the energy transition is influencing decision making, demonstrating the adaptability of both traditional and emerging energy players.

Reaching the next level of hydrogen adoption will require government support, particularly financial. Ottawa has responded with both government funding and tax credits.
How government action is boosting hydrogen projects

Managing risk and regulatory

As regulatory regimes continue to evolve in step with rapid change from industry, this uncertainty is being met with next-generation approaches to risk mitigation.

We predict that collaborative contracting will continue to find favour with owners as a viable way forward for the biggest projects that carry the biggest risks.
Collaborative contracting for large projects: lessons learned on the ground

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