Montréal Student Program
Build your career on a foundation of real-world legal experience and close collaboration. Discover our unique student program and see what sets Torys’ Montréal office apart.

Develop your legal skills by doing exciting and rewarding work, in close collaboration with some of the most distinguished legal professionals in the country.

Our Montréal office is particularly well-known for its practices in: Commercial Litigation, Class Actions, Consumer Protection, Private Equity; Mergers & Acquisitions; Privacy and Cybersecurity.

What sets us apart

We know that the quickest way to grow your skills is through practice. That's why our student and stagiaire programs are designed to offer you hands-on experience, based on a real-world approach that builds expertise and confidence. Throughout, we support your career journey by prioritizing flexibility and autonomy.

Your career growth at Torys

We encourage our students, stagiaires and young lawyers to "grow into" their cases, taking on increasing responsibilities as they develop their skillset. Your talent is put to good use right from your first summer, because your contributions are essential to our practice. And our work teams are structured to encourage collaboration with colleagues—at all levels of seniority.

Flexibility and autonomy

Our non-rotational system lets you explore all your interests throughout your summer or stage. You'll be able to work in one or more practice areas of your choice and become familiar with a wide range of fields and styles of practice.

We understand that your goals and interests may change over time and are invested in cultivating your long-term growth. To support this objective, we welcome your input to shape your career path as a legal professional, especially if you want to pursue graduate studies. We also offer you the opportunity to work part-time while you complete law school.

Continuing education

Our students are an integral part of our teams: we invite them to participate our practice group meetings and other seminars organized by the office as soon as they arrive.

Professional development for our lawyers, stagiaires and students includes sessions organized and delivered by our lawyers in our key practice areas. We also organize in-depth sessions on a variety of topics, such as mental health in the workplace, practice management techniques, professionalism and networking, all of which are essential for a balanced legal career. Our legal professionals are also invited to take part in various training courses relating to their areas of practice that are provided by recognized associations.

In particular, we offer a comprehensive litigation-focused development program that includes mock trial training in trial and advocacy techniques, as well as workshops in brief and argument writing, settlement negotiation, motions and examination techniques.

Double calls to the Québec and Ontario Bars

We offer students wishing to be admitted to both the Québec and Ontario Bars the opportunity to complete a combined articling program which, once completed, will enable them to be called to the Bars of both provinces.


Each student in the summer program is paired with a junior associate, and each stagiaire is coached by a mid-level associate and a partner. This mentorship is complemented by a formal process of performance evaluations, designed to help our students identify their strengths and sharpen their skills, which continues once they have been called to the Bar. We also operate an "open door" culture, in which two-way feedback (both to and from the people we work with) is encouraged on a regular basis.

I was attracted by the collaborative approach at Torys: Even as a stagiaire, I am working on a variety of cases with professionals from our offices across North America. What sets a stage at Torys apart is the level of involvement on files. Stagiaires are included in all stages of a file, and not just traditional junior-level work. This allows stagiaires to be completely immersed in the practice and to continuously improve.
— Jean-Olivier Savoie (Stagiaire, 2023-2024)

Our culture of diversity and inclusion

Our team members are our greatest strength. Diversity and inclusion are the foundations of the firm's excellence. We promote diversity and inclusion in our practice, constructive community involvement, and the retention and career advancement of our lawyers.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together firm members from all offices who share (or share an interest in) similar experiences or backgrounds, enabling our people to network with colleagues in the same community, as well as strengthen relationships with others as allies and supporters.

We encourage our students to participate in one or more of the following groups we offer: Asian Professionals ERG, Black Professionals ERG, Francophone Professionals ERG, Indigenous Professionals ERG, Jewish Professionals ERG, LGBTQ2S+ Professionals ERG, Muslim Professionals ERG, Parents Professionals ERG and Women Professionals ERG.


We are committed to creating and maintaining an accessible environment for all members of our team, which includes providing accommodations as needed. If you require any special accommodation for your condition, please let us know.


We are proud to support a wide range of diversity initiatives and events:

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity Alliance
  • PRISME Conference
  • Annual Conference of the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada

To learn more about our diversity engagement, click here.

How to apply

Torys is a signatory to the Québec Entente de recrutement and participates in the Course aux stages. In accordance with the Entente de recrutement, we do not recruit first-year students.

Law students applying to Torys as part of the Course aux stages are invited to submit their application via the portal at

Candidates who have completed their legal studies can submit their applications to Matthew Angelus, Partner and Responsible for Montreal Student Programs at [email protected].

Students are invited to send their applications to:

Matthew Angelus, Partner and Responsible for Montreal Student Programs
Torys Law Firm LLP
Place Ville Marie, Suite 2880
Montréal QC H3B 4R4

Please attach the following documents to your application: cover letter, curriculum vitae and university transcripts.

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