Client Solutions
We embrace innovation and invest in initiatives, new processes and technology solutions to optimize our service delivery to clients. 

Our Approach

Quality service delivery requires a thoughtful combination of people, process and technology. Our Legal Services Centre, eDiscovery, and Knowledge and Innovation team bring ideas and innovations from across the firm to assess processes and emerging technology solutions to deliver more streamlined, cost-effective legal services to our clients. From programs that support high-volume document processing and transaction review to redesigned information delivery systems, we develop bespoke solutions to work faster with less friction, and with no compromise to the quality of work we do.

Our Legal Services Centre supports clients with dedicated teams that understand how to best use legal technology and software systems to improve contract and due diligence reviews. Our eDiscovery Services team, comprised of review associates in the LSC and analysts in the eDiscovery Technology Group, provides best-in-class data analysis, processing and document review support in investigative, regulatory, and litigation matters. Our multidisciplinary Knowledge and Innovation team works closely with our legal teams to optimize our own knowledge management frameworks and leverage our precedents and legal experience, using the right elements of our technology stack to optimize the way we work with our clients.

Optimizing Service Delivery

We are creative thinkers, finding custom solutions to improve our service delivery.
We know process.
We support leading organizations, building custom teams and solutions to optimize large-scale contracting processes. We also use transaction management software to create efficiencies, reducing document review timelines in closing deals.
We handle volume.
We regularly review thousands of documents in regulatory review and complex reorganizations using AI-enabled software that deploys machine learning to analyze contractual provisions.
Documents for regulatory review
of S&P/TSX60 are clients
Reduction in document review timelines

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