Toronto Student Program

Work Allocation

A group of designated lawyers will be responsible for student work allocation and will monitor the type and number of matters in which students are involved. The lawyers will call the workload coordinators to ask them for the name of a student who has capacity to take on work. The lawyers will then call the student directly to assign the work. We will ask the students before the summer starts to tell us which practice area(s) they are interested in, and the workload coordinators will take these interests into account when they are assigning work. Students will have group meetings with the workload coordinators at which they discuss work and interests, as well as what is happening at the firm generally. We also have an online workload system that allows you to update their status on an ongoing basis and that provides the coordinators with an up-to-the-minute sense of the students’ capacity.

The workload allocation system for articling students is very similar. In addition to the four workload coordinators who attend the meetings and monitor student workload, each practice has a representative to whom lawyers in that practice can go to find students available to assist them. The practice representative will also be responsible for ensuring students with interest in that practice are integrated into the group, and invited to practice group meetings and events.

Although this formal workload allocation system is in place to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded and diverse experience, we encourage you to approach lawyers with whom they are interested in working. Similarly, once a lawyer gets to know a student, he or she will also approach a student directly for assistance, rather than going through the workload coordinators.

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