Toronto Student Program

Recruitment Process

We know that small differences in the ways that firms approach the recruiting process can cause anxiety and concern. To assist you with understanding our process, we have outlined our approach below.

To give you a sense of the firm's values and "personality”,  we encourage you to speak to our students about their experiences – their insights can be valuable in helping you to differentiate between firms. Please also take the time to ask your classmates, professors and others in the legal community about Torys. We are very proud of our reputation.

We look for summer and articling students who not only demonstrate the potential to develop excellent technical skills but also appreciate the importance of providing excellent service and forming close, long-term relationships. If this sounds like you, and if you would like to help us maintain and grow our business in this way, then you will thrive at Torys.

We wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy this new stage of your career.


Your application package should include your cover letter, resume, law school and undergraduate transcripts as well as your list of upper year courses. Reference letters and writing samples are optional. Once we receive your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt by email.

On-Campus Interviews: 2L Summer Student Applicants Only

We participate in on-campus interviews during the 2L summer student recruitment process that takes place during the fall. After we send you an acknowledgement that we have received your application, we will not be in touch with you again before on-campus interviews. Typically, you will be notified by your law school’s career development office whether you have been selected for an on-campus interview.

Shortly after your school’s on-campus interviews are over, we will email you to let you know whether or not we will be contacting you on Call Day to schedule an in-firm interview at Torys.

We encourage you to contact our students before your interview to learn more about what it’s like to work at Torys. Our students’ names and contact information can be found at Current Students.

At-Firm Interviews: For Articling Student and Summer Student Applicants

We will email you the week before Call Day to let you know whether we will be contacting you on Call Day to schedule an in-firm interview.

Most of our first interviews are held on Monday of interview week to allow time for follow-up meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, if it is impossible to schedule a first interview on Monday, be assured that a first interview on Tuesday is as good as a Monday interview.

During recruitment week, you will meet a broad cross-section of people who work at Torys. We introduce you to many different people so that you can get a real sense of “who we are”, and so that we can get to know “who you are” based on multiple interactions with you. For that reason, our advice to you is to “be yourself”. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions we ask you, and we hope you will feel comfortable asking any of us questions about Torys and our experiences working here.

We invite our interviewing students to attend a small group dinner with us (typically three students and three lawyers) on Monday or Tuesday night, as well as a breakfast reception on Wednesday morning of interview week. We will advise you of these events before Call Day.

Like all firms, we have a limited number of summer opportunities. As a result, we are sometimes unable to make offers to highly talented and qualified candidates. Where it becomes apparent to us during our process that we will not be in a position to make a candidate an offer, we think it fair to be candid with the candidate so that he or she can focus on other firms. We will therefore contact these candidates as early as possible to let them know we will not be moving forward with them. All candidates who do not receive a call of this kind from us remain candidates for an offer. 

We are committed to conducting our process transparently and with integrity. Consistent with the Law Society of Upper Canada rules governing student recruitment, we will not make any offers prior to 5:00 p.m. on offer day. As part of our process, we do try to assess, among other things, candidates’ level of interest in our work and in our firm. While you are welcome to indicate to us whether or not you are truly interested in our firm, we will never ask you to tell us how interested you are in us. We will do our best to convey our level of interest in you. However, please do not construe any communication of enthusiasm as signaling an offer. Similarly, if we seem  low-key in our approach, this should not be taken as a lack of interest. We do not convene to determine offers until shortly before the offer deadline. At 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday of interview week, we make an offer to every student we want to hire. We do not extend a second round of offers once we receive responses.

We have received approximately 900 applications annually and have met with approximately 22% of all applicants during on-campus interviews. Of those we have met on-campus, about one in three have been invited to an in-firm interview. Approximately one third of those who interviewed at the firm received an offer.

We do not expect to receive thank you cards or notes from candidates. If you would like to pass along brief thanks, a call or an email to one of the lawyers you met is more than sufficient.

If at any time during the recruitment process you have questions or want to chat about the process, please feel free to call or email Georgia at any time. She can be reached at 416.865.8216 or

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