Student Program

Meet Our Students

Please feel free to contact any of our students if you have questions about our program.

Our 2019-2020 Toronto Articling Students:

Jake Babad, Osgoode Hall Law School | 416.865.8181
Undergrad: University of Toronto – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Cinema Studies and English, graduated in 2010). Other Education: Humber College – Creative Book Publishing Program And Creative Writing Correspondence Program (both programs completed in 2012)

Jake Babad I love reading novels, creative non-fiction, and comic books. I am especially interested in CanLit and try to stay up to date on the latest news and trends from the publishing industry. I like to cook, especially for a big crowd. I am always excited to trade recipes and techniques. I am a lover of any and all tabletop games.

Brianna Cowling, Dalhousie University | 416.865.8197
Postgraduate: Wilfred Laurier University – Masters of Science (Physiology, graduated in 2015). Undergrad: Wilfred Laurier University – Honours Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology, graduated in 2013)

Brianna Cowling My interests include kickboxing, yoga, running, travelling, and spending time with my Boxer puppy. I collect vinyl records and have completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer twice!

Nenad Dumanovic, Osgoode Hall Law School | 416.865.7989
Undergrad: University of Alberta – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, gradated in 2015).

Nenad Dumanovic My hobbies include travelling, playing basketball, hiking, and reading history, particularly East Asian and European military and political history. As of July, I have been to 28 countries. “Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant”.

Sarah Fallis, Dalhousie University | 416.865.7305
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies, graduated in 2014).

Sarah Fallis In my free time I enjoy listening to podcasts, walking my dog, trying new workouts and attempting to meditate. In my third year of law school, I attended the National University of Singapore on exchange.

Henry Federer, Queen’s University | 416.865.7312
Undergrad: Western University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Philosophy, graduated in 2015).

Henry Federer My hobbies include golf, guitar, and reading non-fiction. I’m also a fan of contemporary art and travelling. I spent a summer interning for the Mayor of Toronto and drove a retired undercover police car in undergrad.

Shmuel Giblon, University of Windsor | 416.865.8134
Undergrad: Excelsior College – Honours Bachelor of Science (Liberal Arts, graduated in 2015). Other Education: Ner Israel Rabbinical College – Designation in Talmudic Business Law (Choshen Mishpat, graduated in 2014)

Shmuel Giblon For fun I enjoy traveling and engaging in the types of “sports” that don't require much athleticism (rock climbing, floor hockey, bowling, ping pong etc.).

Stephanie Gurrieri, Osgoode Hall Law School | 416.865.7317
Postgraduate: York University – Masters of Business Administration (graduated in 2019). Undergrad: McMaster University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies and Psychology, graduated in 2015)

Stephanie Gurrieri My interests include working out, doing yoga and cooking. Playing competitive soccer gave me the opportunity to go to St. John’s, Newfoundland to compete in the Canadian Nationals Tournament, where my team won silver.

Matthew Gragtmans, University of Ottawa | 416.865.8149
Undergrad: Western University – Honours Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science and History, graduated in 2016).

Matthew Gragtmans My hobbies include performing arts, skiing, and scrolling through fashion blogs. My best friend is my dog Koby, even though I’ve been terrified of dogs for most of my life. “Know your limits, then defy them.”

Colby Harris, Queen’s University | 416.865.7322
Undergrad: University of British Columbia – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, graduated in 2015).

Colby Harris I enjoy staying active and playing hockey and golf in my spare time. I’m also an avid reader and writer and love getting out to at least a few concerts every year as well as trying out as many new restaurants as possible. I spent my summer driving across the country and have now visited every Canadian province. A fun fact about me is that I have flown an airplane.

Patrick Kanopoulos, McGill University | 416.865.8213
Postgraduate: University of Toronto – M.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering, graduated in 2014). Undergrad: University of Toronto – Honours B.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering, graduated in 2011)

Patrick Kanopoulos My hobbies include reading and playing piano. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling, squash, and cooking.

Eunice Kwon, University of Toronto | 416.865.7326
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (graduated in 2015)

Eunice Kwon My hobbies include spinning, running, reading and travelling. I have read every Pulitzer Prize For Fiction Winner since 2000.

Melissa Lowy, Queen’s University | 416.865.7357
Undergrad: Dalhousie University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, graduated in 2015)

Melissa Lowy My interests include yoga, spinning and trying new restaurants. In 2015, I went on a 50 day canoe trip throughout Northern Ontario.

Morag McGreevey, University of Toronto | 416.865.7364
Postgraduate: University of British Columbia – Masters in Arts (English Literature, graduated in 2016). Undergrad: University of British Columbia – Honours Bachelor of Arts (English, graduated in 2013)

Morag McGreevey My hobbies include reading literature, discovering local history, and eating my way through Toronto. Before law school, I wrote my MA thesis on the apocalypse, and theorized about the fate of humanity at the end of time.

Tristan McLeod, Queen’s University | 416.865.7327
Undergrad: McMaster University – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (graduated in 2016)

Tristan McLeod I am an avid skier, a gear head, and a big Star Wars fan (with an extensive Lego collection). I enjoy travelling, and one day hope to drive from the Arctic Circle to the most southern point of Argentina. “Hold Fast”

Mike Noel, Osgoode Hall Law School | 416.865.7378
Undergrad: University of Alberta – Honours Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Engineering, graduated in 2015)

Mike Noel My interests include astrophotography, beer brewing, and snowboarding. I've been to 23 countries and hope to hit 50 by the time I start as an associate.

Alison Shamie, Queen’s University | 416.865.7525
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (graduated in 2016)

Alison Shamie I enjoy cooking, playing sports and spending time with family and friends. I spent a semester in Australia on exchange.

Jacquelyn Smalley, University of Toronto | 416.865.7359
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (graduated in 2014)

Jacquelyn Smalley I enjoy being active and outdoors. I spend most of my spare time hiking, travelling, and playing recreational sports. During law school I played for nine different intramural sports teams.

Emily Stewart, University of Toronto | 416.865.7695
Undergrad: McGill University – Honours of Bachelor of Science (Anatomy and Cell Biology, International Development Studies, graduated in 2015)

Emily Stewart My interests include watching documentaries, hiking, travelling, gardening and pottery. I have an indoor vegetable and herb garden in my basement apartment.

Our 2019-2020 Calgary Articling Students:

Melodie Adamson, University of Toronto | 403.776.3702
Undergrad: St. Francis Xavier University – Honours Bachelor of Science (Physics, graduated in 2007). Other Education: Centre of Geographic Sciences (Advanced Diploma in Geographic Sciences, graduated in 2011)

Melodie Adamson My interests include weightlifting, playing board games and learning to speak Mandarin. “Never stop learning.”

Cassondra Lozynsky, University of Saskatchewan | 403.776.3798
Undergrad: Simon Fraser University – Bachelor of Arts (Communications, graduated in 2015)

Cassondra Lozynsky My interests include reading, baking, playing soccer, roller-blading and hoarding mini eggs. I have a seemingly inexhaustible knowledge on King Henry VIII and his wives, much to the dismay of dinner party guests.

Julie Ward, University of Calgary | 403.776.3707
Undergrad: University of Alberta – Honours Bachelor of Arts (English and Political Science, graduated in 2015)

Julie Ward My interests include hiking, dirt biking, skiing, yoga and reading. I spent a year working and travelling abroad after graduating. “A man without words is a man without thought.”

Our 2020-2021 Montréal Articling Student:

Se-Line Duong, Université de Montréal | 514.868.5627
Postgraduate: Osgoode Hall Law School – JD (completed in 2019). Undergrad: Université de Montréal – Bachelor of Science (Psychology, graduated in 2015)

Se-Line Duong My interests include books, culture, languages, fashion, travelling and fitness. My inspirational mantras include “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”