Student Program

Meet Our Students

Please feel free to contact any of our students if you have questions about our program.

Our Toronto 2018-2019 Articling Students:

Hannah Allen, Western University | 416.865.7302
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (History, graduated in 2013). Other education: University of Oxford – Masters of Arts (American History, graduated in 2014)

Hannah Allen Interests include horseback riding, playing the piano and hiking in the Bruce trail. I have lived in four different countries over the past years.

Parker Baglole, Dalhousie University | 416.865.7314
Masters: Dalhousie University – Masters of Business Administration (graduated in 2018). Undergrad: University of Prince Edward Island – Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (graduated in 2014)

Parker Baglole My hobbies include volunteering, fitness, completing DIY projects, listening to music and cooking (especially pizza). I grew up on an island (PEI), but do not know how to swim.

Anthony Bishop, Osgoode Hall Law School | 416.865.7354
Undergrad: McMaster University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Psychology, graduated in 2013)

Anthony Bishop My hobbies include working out, trying new restaurants, travelling and sketching. I enjoy meditating and learning about philosophies. I’ve most recently taken an interest in stoicism. “Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Marco Cator, University of Ottawa | 416.865.7377
Undergrad: University of Ottawa – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, graduated in 2015)

Marco Cator My hobbies include soccer, tennis, travelling and photography. I am an avid soccer fan and I have attended five matches and visited nine stadiums across seven different countries.

Claire Chapman, Western University | 416.865.7388
Undergrad: Queen’s University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Studies, graduated in 2015)

Claire Chapman My hobbies include reading, spinning, hiking and travelling. I went on exchange for a semester at the University of Copenhagen. “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Christophe Cinqmars-Viau, McGill University | 416.865.7542
Undergrad: McGill University – First Class Joint Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and History, graduated in 2012)

Christophe Cinqmars-Viau I’ve recently lived in a Parisian shoebox and the house of a former Montreal mayor that went up in flames, I’ve plead at the SCC in front of former C.J. McLachlin without completely messing up, I’ve got a half-complete Le Creuset collection (blue) that I love cooking with and I find it hard to be concise.

Nick Germanakos, Queen’s University | 416.865.7545
Undergrad: University of Guelph – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management, graduated in 2015)

Nick Germanakos I enjoy playing and watching a broad range of sports including hockey, baseball and golf. I also follow Formula 1 closely throughout the year. My mom is Swedish and my Dad is Greek, and I am a dual Canadian/Swedish citizen.

Craig Gilchrist, Western University | 416.865.7629
Undergrad: University of Toronto – University of Toronto, Honours of Arts (International Relations, Canadian Studies and Political Science, graduated in 2015)

Craig Gilchrist A fun fact about me is that despite the fact that I am in the 99.9th percentile for height among Canadian men I am profoundly terrible at basketball. “Do not wait until the iron is hot to strike, make it hot by striking.”

Tamara Jewett, University of Toronto | 416.865.7671
Undergrad: University of Toronto – Honours Bachelor of Arts (History and Literary Studies, graduated in 2013)

Tamara Jewett I was a middle-distance track athlete and cross-country runner for much of my life before switching to Half-Ironman triathlon training this past year as a better training balance, given a long history of athletic injuries.

Vlad Krasner, Queen’s University | 416.865.7679
Undergrad: Ryerson University – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Radio and Television Arts and English, graduated in 2008)

Vlad Krasner During the summer you can find me at various concerts, hiking, biking, playing soccer or at a BBQ with friends. During the winter while I spend more time indoors I still try and get out skiing a few times. A fun fact about myself is that I have hiked to Everest Base Camp.

Eric Patenaude, University of Toronto | 416.865.7687
Undergrad: La Salle University – Honours of Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, graduated in 2012)

Eric Patenaude I’ve been camping every year of my life since I was born, including a 30 day stretch in New Zealand. An inspirational mantra that speaks to me is “the mountains are calling and I must go.”

Denise Ramsden, University of Toronto | 416.865.7689
Undergrad: UBC – Honours Bachelor of Science (Cell Biology and Genetics, graduated in 2013)

Denise Ramsden Interests include trying new recipes, restaurants and coffee shops, indoor plants, cycling, running and any outdoor adventure. I have ridden a bike on every continent but Antarctica – have to work on that one.

Sarah Strong, Queen’s University | 416.865.7693
Undergrad: Wilfrid Laurier – Honours of Bachelor of Business Administration (graduated in 2014)

Sarah Strong I’ve participated in two international exchange programs. During my undergraduate degree I spent a semester studying marketing and the luxury industry in Paris, France and while at Queen’s Law I spent a semester in Groningen, Netherlands.

Our Calgary 2018-2019 Articling Students:

Ashton Brehm, University of Saskatchewan | 403.776.3795
Undergrad: University of Saskatchewan – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, graduated in 2015)

Ashton Brehm Interests include: golf, yoga, hiking and gardening. Fun fact: I once fell off a cliff in Albania. “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”

Michelle Holmes, University of Toronto | 403.776.3758
Undergrad: UBC – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Transportation and Logistics, graduated in 2014)

Michelle Holmes I love fishing - I grew up spin fishing at a lake near Edmonton and fell in love with it, and have now taken up fly fishing. I enjoy being active and spend much of my free time playing sports and running.

Tanis Makowsky, University of Calgary | 403.776.3794
Bar Admission: Texas, 2018
Postgraduate: University of Houston – Juris Doctor (graduated in 2018). Undergrad: University of Victoria – Honours Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy, graduated in 2014)

Tanis Makowsky I love journalling, reading, and road trips. An interesting fact about myself is that I’ve had the opportunity to attend five different universities during which time I have lived in six different cities throughout Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.