Calgary Student Program


Our student program is designed to allow you to take control of your career from the day you arrive at the firm. With lots of support and resources available to you, we have structured our student program to be highly customizable to each individual to allow you to chart your own career path at the firm.

Our non-rotational student program is very flexible and allows you to explore all of your areas of interest over the course of your summer or articling term. You can work in as many or as few practice areas of your choosing and gain exposure to a broad cross-section of practice areas and practice styles. You will work with partners, associates and other students on a variety of matters and for a variety of clients, drawing on the knowledge, judgment and expertise of your colleagues in the firm. This approach accelerates the learning process, builds professional skills and industry experience, and will help you develop your own blend of legal skills and professional style. Your experience as a student at Torys will be intense but fulfilling. Our objective is to help you develop the disciplined analytical, technical and practical skills that you will need to become a successful lawyer.

Articling and summer students are a vital part of Torys' continuing growth and success – you are our future associates and partners. As a Torys student, you will have the opportunity to participate in dynamic relationships in which outstanding work, client service and a rewarding professional experience are paramount.

Who We Are

Torys LLP is an international business law firm with offices in Toronto, New York, Calgary, Halifax and Montréal. We have a reputation for quality and creativity, and we are trusted legal advisers in complex transactions and major disputes. Our clients include many of the most prominent and prestigious Canadian and international corporations, as well as non-profit organizations, governments, Crown corporations and individuals.

We represent companies in a range of industries, including financial services, energy, life sciences, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, consumer products and services. New and growing businesses trust us to guide them through their development. Businesses involved in disputes turn to Torys to develop and implement effective resolution strategies.

Dedication to professional excellence and outstanding client service is Torys’ hallmark. Of equal importance is our commitment to maintaining a collegial working environment – one that brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds, personalities and styles in an atmosphere of friendship and team spirit.

Mutual respect is one of our core values and prevails in all relationships within and outside the firm: between partners, associates and students; between lawyers and administrative staff; and between every member of Torys and our clients. This is what you can expect from us, and it is what we will expect from you.

We are confident that we offer our future lawyers outstanding opportunities within a highly supportive and stimulating work environment. This positive work environment and our collegial culture are qualities that we value most about our firm and that we believe truly set us apart. These are the reasons why so many of our lawyers come to Torys and stay at Torys.

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About Torys

Torys LLP is a respected international business law firm with a reputation for quality, innovation and teamwork.

We operate from offices in Toronto, New York, Calgary and Montréal.

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Careers Overview

At Torys, you will enjoy an exciting, fast-paced work environment and a supportive, collegial and team-based culture. We take pride in our ability to attract and retain individuals who excel in their respective fields.