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Mentoring is a key component of our development program. Career planning is also promoted, in part, through the mentoring program for our students and lawyers in their early years of practice. We therefore strive to ensure that our lawyers have the resources, information and inspiration that they need to enjoy successful mentoring relationships and careers.

Your mentors will offer you professional guidance and assistance throughout your summer and articles, and help you integrate into the firm. Mentors are great resources and can be very valuable in helping you through your transition from a law student to a student-at-law. Mentors are also asked to participate in your performance reviews.

Students are assigned one mentor, typically an associate who remembers what it was like to be in your shoes. The junior mentor is a mid- to senior-level associate, who will also act as your Law Society of Alberta principal.

We choose mentors who we believe recognize that frequent informal contact is the most important component of the relationship, and we also actively encourage the development of informal mentoring relationships through social and other events.

To highlight the importance of mentoring, we dedicate the month of May, annually, to mentoring. Activities have included interactive workshops for all lawyers and students on strengthening the mentor relationship; external speakers from the business and legal communities who share personal mentoring experiences and best practices; a firm-wide "Take Your Mentee for Lunch/Coffee Day"; and a Mentor Awards Ceremony.

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