Cornell Wright on the importance of welcoming director feedback

April 14, 2021

Newly elected board chairs are tasked with many responsibilities, but the duty of welcoming constructive feedback from directors remains essential to their role.

The March/April edition of the Director Journal’s column Directors’ Dilemma addresses this subject by posing the question: “I’ve just been appointed chair of one of my boards. How can I make sure I receive feedback from my fellow directors?” The column provides guidance from industry experts on the topic.

The article notes that newly appointed chairs have the scope to create effective evaluation processes once their term has commenced and that it is essential to create an environment where all feedback is welcome.

Chair of Torys’ Corporate practice Cornell Wright told Directors’ Dilemma that the board chair plays a fundamental role in procuring feedback from directors in a timely manner.

“The chair’s role is critical to ensuring board effectiveness and, given the importance of the role, it is essential that the chair get timely and constructive feedback from the other directors,” Cornell said.

You can read the full column here.

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