Torys Quarterly article republished by Environmental Journal

March 29, 2021

An industry publication focused on environmental issues has picked up a Torys Quarterly article

Environmental Journal has republished “ESG and climate change”. The piece, authored by Tyson Dyck and Henry Ren, explores the important role climate change has assumed in the growing conversation around ESG. An excerpt from the article is below.

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, “80% of the world’s largest companies are reporting exposure to physical or market transition risks associated with climate change”, while “increasing pressure from shareholders and activists has led to divestment from some carbon-intensive industries”. Physical climate change risks include exposure to increasingly severe or unpredictable weather events, or broader climatic changes. For example, certain companies own or insure assets that may be at greater risk due to rising temperatures or sea levels. Transition risks result include exposure to the regulatory, economic or similar consequences resulting from the transition to a low carbon economy. For example, certain companies sell or require carbon-intensive fuels that may become more expensive as regulators increasingly seek to impose a price on carbon.

You can read the full piece on the Environmental Journal's website

This piece is a part of the Q2 edition of the Torys Quarterly, which focuses on all facets of ESG. 


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