Q2 | Torys Quarterly • Spring 2021

ESG’s Turning Point

ESG issues are dominating the conversation in every area of business. We examine how companies, regulators and courts are responding to—and driving—the evolution of ESG for organizations.



ESG’s influence touches every facet of governance considerations, from strategic business objectives to risk management and more.

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in early 2020, many thought that climate agendas and other ESG concerns might be put on the back burner. In fact, the opposite occurred.
– From aspiration to accountability: ESG for boards

Market and sector trends

Investor appetite for ESG opportunities is seeing accelerated growth, and sectors in Canada are reframing their strategies in the context of ESG.

The latest development in the loan markets has been the broadening of KPIs to include social and governance goals beyond environmental ones—adding the “SG” to the leading “E”.
– Trends in ESG Loans

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