Torys helps Western Law students through Torys LLP Student Support Bursary

October 30, 2020

Torys has teamed up with Western Law to help provide opportunities for students struggling financially due to COVID-19.

The Torys LLP Student Support Bursary was led by current Torys partners and Western alum—Gillian Dingle, Adrienne DiPaolo, Mitch Frazer and Janan Paskaran—and totals $400,000.

Gillian, Adrienne, Mitch and Janan, with support from other Western Law alum at Torys, raised $100,000, which was then matched by the firm. That $200,000 was then matched by Western Law.

“As alumni and as a firm, we are thrilled to partner with Western Law to invest in students and help ease some of the additional uncertainty and stress they are facing in the pandemic,” Adrienne said.

You can read more about the Torys LLP Student Support Bursary on the Western Law website. Learn more about our community involvement on the Community page.

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