Rima Ramchandani on new diversity disclosure rules

December 12, 2019

Rima Ramchandani has told The Globe and Mail that some of the firm’s clients are ahead of the game when it comes to gender diversity on their board and executive positions in an environment where Canada is seeing slow, yet positive, change toward greater diversity in senior positions.

The article discusses impending federal rules set to broaden diversity disclosure across the country. The rules “will extend the diversity disclosure rules to race, disabilities and Indigenous heritage, requiring companies to include that information in circulars to shareholders”, according to the article.

Rima told the publication that for some of the firm’s clients this shift to the new rules won’t too significant for them.

“Some of our clients, like the financial institutions who are early adopters of best practices from a corporate governance perspective are ahead of these rules,” she said.

Rima and her team have previously written on the topic in “New diversity disclosures under the CBCA effective for annual meetings in 2020”. Read the piece to get more information on the topic.

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