Gillian Dingle Says no Real Trend in CSA's Annual Enforcement Report

July 23, 2018

Partner Gillian Dingle told the increase in registrant misconduct recorded in the Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) Annual Enforcement Report did not suggest there were any trends.

The article discusses the finding of the report, which show an increase in respondents and financial penalties for “registrant misconduct,” which increased to $6.8 million from around $104,000 last year.

Gillian said the rising number was “not indicative of a trend.”

“There are so many factors at play,” Gillian said.

“It’s tough to draw any clear pictures.”

The report also looks at technology’s role in enforcement and highlighted CSA’s updated marketplace surveillance technology, as well as its conference on best practices for data analytics.

“The better use they can make of data, the better they will be able to protect the markets,” Gillian told the publication.

“The commission’s abilities to regulate for market manipulation-type conduct is only going to get better.”

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