Risk Management Plan Key for Boards in Wake of #MeToo Movement

March 05, 2018

Partner Cornell Wright has told Law Times companies should look closely at updating their risk management policies to ensure they’re appropriate in the wake of the #MeToo movement.  

While the focus of the #MeToo movement has mostly been on those in the public eye, companies are certainly not immune. Law Times reported that “[w]hen those impacts reach the boardroom, lawyers need to be there to advise companies and board members on how to deal with the issues that arise around sexual assault and sexual harassment.

These claims can expose companies to risks of litigation and claims against board members and can damage their relationships with third parties or employees.”

“I’m certainly aware of lots of companies that are very actively reviewing all of their policies to make sure they’re best in class in this area, including retaining the kind of relative expert outside help to get themselves comfortable that what they have is appropriate in the circumstances,” Cornell said.

Cornell told the publication “the board should take a direct oversight role in relation to something involving senior management in order to ensure that there is the right independence brought to bear on an investigation into alleged sexual harassment or assault involving employees.”

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