Linda Plumpton Shares Insight into Being a Woman Litigator

January 24, 2018

Partner Linda Plumpton sat down with Canadian Lawyer InHouse Magazine to discuss what it’s like to be a women litigator in today’s climate and talk about some of the challenges and successes of her career.

Linda was one of three women litigators interview for the piece.

The Q&A style article touches on a number of topics including mentorship and the differences between women and men litigator.  An excerpt is below.

InHouse: Has there been enough done at the firms to provide opportunities to mentor?

Linda: We’ve always benefited from having a fairly strong group of women at the partnership level. I remember joining the firm and the lions were many, but the lions of our practice I was focused on in coming to the firm were Sheila Block and Mary Eberts who were both there doing fantastic work. But in my earlier years of practice, those are not the people I worked with the most, but I think their mere presence was empowering for me. I do think there are more systematic things to be done to build those relationships in a formal way rather than making women reach for it — so establish closer relationships with those people you’re trying emulate and we try to do that. There is much more focus on having women-centred mentoring opportunities in the firm.

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