January 1, 1

ESG cases continue to trend upwards in Canada

Partner Dennis Mahony has told the Financial Post that there has been an “explosion in ESG enthusiasm and awareness in every sector of the economy”.

“What’s driving it is the federal government’s aggressive environmental agenda, an emerging social movement reminiscent of the sixties that is identifying social issues and holding institutions accountable, and the corporate community’s growing acceptance of the risks involved and their responsibilities,” he explained.

Notably, Dennis has noticed a significant increase in corporate clients calling regarding ESG disclosure.

Partner John Terry weighed in on the topic as well, acknowledging that there are innumerable threads that merge in ESG-related issues.

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In another article by the Financial Post on the merging of ESG and energy law, John mentioned that “ESG used to be a niche practice, now everyone across the firm is involved in it in one form or another.”

Although a lot of firms have evolved their energy practices to focus on renewable energy in recent years, Dennis added that lawyers have been working on ESG for decades, and for some, most of their careers.

You can read more about our ESG work on the practice page.

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