What’s Next for Marijuana Regulation?


Food and Drug Law
Food and Drug Regulatory LawIn 2016, we expect the Liberal government to re-evaluate and enact a new or parallel medical marijuana regime to ensure access to medical marijuana.

The specifics of prospective marijuana regulations are difficult to predict; however, any approaching framework for the regulation of medical marijuana will tie in judicially mandated requirements. Authorized users of medical marijuana must have the right to grow their own product, as well as have the right to use and possess cannabis products containing active medicinal components, broadening administration beyond inhalation to include oral and topical treatment.

Marijuana for recreational use has also drawn renewed focus. In the most recent federal election, the Liberal government made Canadians a campaign promise: legalized recreational marijuana. The current criminal system was accused of failing to prevent young people from using marijuana, overburdening the justice system with minor, non-violent offences, saddling many Canadians with criminal records, and supporting organized crime through the proceeds of an illicit drug trade. The government plans to create a regime that addresses these issues and reflects safety concerns—and that could result in significant revenues through taxation.

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