Pending Change to the Ontario Lobbyist Act will Impact In-House Lobbyists


Food and Drug Law
Food and Drug Regulatory LawA proposed change to the regulations made under the Ontario Lobbyists Registration Act will change the way “in-house lobbyists” are identified in Ontario.

Currently, the Act specifies that a person is an “in-house lobbyist” if lobbying takes up a “significant part” of their employment duties, defined in the regulations as at least 20 percent of their time at work over a three month period is spent on lobbying activities. Forthcoming changes to the Act will instead prescribe a 50-hour-per-year threshold for an employee to be considered an “in-house lobbyist,” removing the need to consider percentage time spent lobbying on a rolling three month basis.

There is no indication as to when the amendments to the Act will be proclaimed into force, although the government is soliciting comments on the related regulatory changes until March 21, 2016.

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