Possible Point-of-Sale Restrictions on Legalized Marijuana


Food and Drug Law
Food and Drug Regulatory Law If the federal government follows through with its promise to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Canada, the provincial governments will likely need to assess potential point-of-sale restrictions on the newly regulated product. 

Ontario premier, Kathleen Wynne, Manitoba Premier, Greg Sellinger, the Ontario LCBO and Quebec’s Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) have proposed that sales of legalized marijuana for recreational use could be restricted to provincially run liquor stores. Proponents in favour of this point-of-sale restriction argue that it would provide important quality control measures on legalized marijuana, to manage the potential of counterfeit product or unregulated product (containing levels of additives that don’t meet the Health Canada guidelines). Proponents also advocate that restricting sales to provincially run liquor stores will help to ensure that purchaser age requirements are validated. It is yet to be seen what point-of-sale restrictions will be imposed should marijuana be legalized for recreational use in Canada; however, we expect this question to generate an ongoing debate.

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