Recalibrating for Recovery

In this issue of the Torys Quarterly, we examine how companies can prepare for recovery in a transformed world. Here is the latest insight from Torys.


Getting ahead of the curve

Continuity concerns, disrupted markets and other issues cast light on what the post-pandemic business landscape will look like.

In this new environment, businesses' stakeholders will expect moral leadership and a mindful tone at the top as the crisis continues to unfold.
—From "Recalibrating for Recovery: Reopening plans and considerations"

Controlling risk

For businesses managing ongoing disruption on many fronts, reining in risk has never been more important.

These are unprecedented times raising novel issues. Companies will be better prepared to welcome normal operations by consulting with stakeholders and experts on the range of risks and solutions that are in the picture.
—From "A Privacy, Cybersecurity and data governance framework for return to businesss planning"

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