Business Law Guides
Our suite of publications covers the essentials for business in Canada and the United States. 

Doing Business and Raising Capital in Canada

Securities regulation, foreign investment rules, employment issues and more: we provide an overview of the fundamental business law considerations for organizations looking to establish a business or invest in Canada.
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Initial Public Offerings in Canada

From kick-off to closing, our guide looks at taking companies public in Canada step by step, with practical knowledge and insight for issuers.
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Takeover Bids in Canada and Tender Offers in the United States

This guide offers a side-by-side review of the Canadian and U.S. legal regimes governing takeover bids and tender offers to help both acquirors and targets prepare for a cross-border bid.
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Directors’ Duties in Canada

Our guide covers directors’ responsibilities, their role in corporate governance, and the laws, jurisprudence and regulation that affects the role of directors in Canada.
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Raising Capital in the United States Under the Multijurisdictional Disclosure System

Get our guide on the essentials of accessing and making the most of cross-border opportunities under this unique regulatory system.
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