Pressure Points
New technology, new rules and investor satisfaction are just some of the pressure points facing business leaders this year.
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M&A and Governance
In Canada, governance processes continue to be shaped by new disclosure rules, and regulatory and political forces alike are fostering a friendly environment for buyers.
Cross-border tax continues to provide a constant source of change for investors—and best practices and tips are shared for those professionals crossing the Canada-U.S. border.
Canada is making its presence felt at the frontier of technologies like blockchain and AI. Regulatory and legislative decisions that are made now could have a long-term effect on the industry.
Canada’s unique legal system has not deterred class actions’ growth in popularity. And where does liability fall when employees sell “off-book” investments?
Current Issue
The drive to expand global reach and new mandates to advance domestic strategies: we look at these parallel trends for organizations with cross-border interests in the Torys Quarterly.