Trends in M&A

M&A deal mechanics, regulation and entire markets evolve constantly—and sometimes at breakneck speed. Below is a selection of our resources and latest insights on the state of M&A.

M&A Trends 2016

Canada is Open for Foreign Business

Foreign buyers are currently well positioned to pursue investment opportunities in Canada – our lawyers explain why.

Stefan Stauder talks M&A Trends with Canadian Lawyer

Our partners discuss the changing landscape of cross-border M&A.

A New Era of Canadian Defensive Tactics

A wider range of defensive tactics is expected in the coming years. The question is: how will these measures be handled by securities regulators?

Catching the Sandbagger off the Green: Sandbagging in M&A

“Sandbagging" is an issue that has now become a topic of open debate between buyers and sellers – here’s how to address it.

M&A Trends 2016

Financial Advice Under More Scrutiny in M&A

Disputes implicating financial advisers are a reminder to directors to scrutinize the advice they receive and the adequacy of their disclosure to shareholders.

Informed Shareholders Take the Steam Out of Deal Litigation

Shareholder lawsuits have saturated the U.S. M&A world, with 90% of deals made being brought to court—but this is changing.

Sharon Geraghty Discusses the Latest Dealmaking Trends in Financial Post M&A Roundtable

Sharon discusses issues swaying M&A in this Financial Post interview.

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