Trends in M&A

M&A deal mechanics, regulation and entire markets evolve constantly—and sometimes at breakneck speed. Below is a selection of our resources and latest insights on the state of M&A.

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M&A Trends 2016
M&A Trends 2016

Shareholder Activism: Who is Winning Now?

Activists and management are increasingly collaborating on improving shareholder value, and there has been a decline in Canada of activist initiatives reaching the point of formal proxy contests.

The M&A Clock is Ticking for SPACs in Canada

Investors are looking for new ways to invest their capital and one example of this is the Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC, which has emerged as a novel way to do M&A in Canada.

Consolidation in the Regulated Electricity Sector is Accelerating

Electricity businesses are drawing attention from investors as attractive M&A targets, with governments looking to consolidate assets in this sector.

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New Investors, New Scope: Infrastructure Investing is Broadening

Investors are allocating more capital to infrastructure investing. Competition in this sector is encouraging investors to look for investments not only in core infrastructure assets, but also in businesses that support them.

Special Feature: Ed Clark on What's Ahead in 2016

In a special feature of this year’s report we interview Ed Clark for his thoughts on what’s in store for business in 2016.

M&A Trends 2016

More Regulatory Reviews Will Be Resolved With Litigation

Parties are opting more and more to resolve regulatory intervention, such as blocked mergers, through litigation in order to get the deal done.

Distressed M&A Opportunities are Emerging

In the Canadian market, targets attracting investor attention include distressed businesses in the oil and gas sector, who are feeling pressure from the weak Canadian dollar and low commodities prices.

Creative Collaborations are Gaining Ground

Creative business combinations are being used to drive deal activity; either as a way for investors to pool resources, access financing, or enter new markets.

Go With the (Capital) Flow in Cross-Border M&A

We expect that Canadian buyers' appetite to pursue M&A in international markets will continue alongside foreign investors’ interest in Canadian assets.

Tech Issues in M&A Will Keep Dealmakers in the Cloud

Dealmakers are increasingly focused on tech-related issues and assets "in the cloud" to ensure deal success.

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Executives in M&A

The changing corporate governance landscape is influencing boards’ traditional approach to executive compensation in M&A. Practices are evolving from being primarily focused on severance to being focused on retention and the long-term best interests of the company.

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