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Torys Business Brief

Torys Business Brief: A turning point for Canada’s life sciences

What lessons can be learned from the pandemic for the life sciences industry? Hear from Eileen McMahon, Cheryl Reicin and researcher Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon-in-Chief of the Sprott Department of Surgery at the University Health Network and Director of the Toronto Lung Transplant Program, as they discuss how the crisis has caused the industry to move at a pace never seen before.

Torys Business Brief: Canadian oil and gas after COVID-19

Canada’s oil and gas industry continues to face unique challenges during the pandemic crisis. In this episode, Stephanie Stimpson and Chris Christopher offer their candid perspectives on the current state of the sector, its prospects for recovery and the silver linings for industry players.

Torys Business Brief: The pandemic’s impact on private equity, and how businesses can best leverage the wage subsidy

Guy Berman and Stefan Stauder give their insights into effects of the COVID‑19 crisis on the private equity industry on both sides of the Canada‑U.S. border. Gwen Watson rounds up the discussion with a closer look at the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, and the tax considerations for PE investors and businesses looking to access this program.

Torys Business Brief: Advice for corporate leaders at the pivot point of recovery

Cornell Wright and Chair Robert Prichard share their executive-level perspectives on how boards and management are working together to help their organizations emerge from the pandemic—and what best corporate practices they believe are critical at this high-stakes juncture.

Torys in 10

Torys Business Brief: Preparing for a COVID-19 recovery

Mike Amm and Krista Hill share what they are seeing on the ground working with business leaders throughout the outbreak.

Torys Business Brief: Managing contract risks and obligations during a pandemic

Jessica Lumière and David Outerbridge cover practical takeaways for companies to manage contract concerns amid COVID‑19.

Torys Business Brief: Employment issues in the COVID-19 crisis

Lisa Talbot discusses aspects of Canada’s framework of relief and support for employers during the crisis, options for reducing payroll and how businesses can position themselves now ahead of recovery from the pandemic.

Torys in 10: Private equity in 2020: what are industry leaders saying?

Listen to private equity partners Mike Akkawi and Guy Berman and they talk about some key findings from PE Pulse, such as large deal sizes and fundraising.

Torys in 10: Top tips for founders getting ready for fundraising

In this episode, Marko Trivun draws out insights from Kristine Di Bacco as she shares some key things founders should consider when getting ready for their company’s first round of financing.

Torys in 10: Is cooperative federalism for losers?

With the Supreme Court preparing to hear two politically charged cases set to test the limits of cooperative federalism this winter, Andrew Bernstein and Yael Bienenstock talk through how and why cooperative federalism is being argued in this context, how the idea has evolved over time and the challenges it presents from a legal perspective.

Torys in 10: What Canada can learn from international financial consumer protection developments

Brigitte Goulard and Eli Monas sit down and discuss some pertinent international developments in the financial consumer protection space and unpack what Canada could learn from these developments.

Torys in 10: What is the Digital Charter and what does it mean for Canada?

Molly Reynolds and Ronak Shah discuss the Digital Charter initiative and its principles that will guide future policy making, how much substance there is behind those principles and what businesses can expect over the next few years.

Torys in 10: Best practices for implementing anonymous whistleblower tip lines

Lisa Talbot and Rebecca Wise discuss all you need to know about anonymous whistleblower tip lines and the role they can play in your business.

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