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Are you prepared for the next technology that will change your business? Get insight from lawyers across the firm who specialize in making sure you stay ahead of the curve—no matter what curve ball the latest advance throws at your company.

Blockchain Technology Part 1: “Blockchain Assets” as Collateral

Given the potential of the blockchain technology to revolutionize how parties transact with one another, a lot of brainpower is spent by entrepreneurs around the world to figure out what other problems it can solve and what assets it can hold.

Can Canada Unlock its Blockchain Potential?

Part 2 of our blockchain series explores regulatory changes needed in order for Canada to become a global hub for revolutionary tech.

Fintech is Still a Big Deal (And It Has Only Just Begun)

Driven by the confluence of advances in technologies, it is predicted that the financial sector will see more change in the next 10 years than in the last 100 combined.

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Modernizing Privacy Law for New Technology and Forms of Data

Privacy expert Molly Reynolds outlines two issues most in need of review in order to balance individuals’ rights to control their personal information with their expectations that the companies they do business with will serve their needs.

What Canada Should Do About AI—Now

The technology behind self-driving cars is moving full speed and regulators must act fast keep up.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence: A Primer and its Impact on Business and the Law

AI has quietly made its way into many aspects of daily life, from depositing cheques through your phone to curated and targeted advertisements on social media platforms.

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