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Are you prepared for the next technology that will change your business? Get insight from lawyers across the firm who specialize in making sure you stay ahead of the curveā€”no matter what curve ball the latest advance throws at your company.

Electronic Trials

The increasing use of electronic trials has prompted a discussion surrounding the advantages of this technology-driven change.

Technology work

Advances in Artificial Intelligence: A Primer and its Impact on Business and the Law

This article will provide a primer on AI, and explore its application in business and in life and potential legal issues.

Keyword Advertising May Be Confusing After All

Recent rulings reveal how keyword advertising is being dealt with by courts. How should businesses stay ahead of these disputes?

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All Hands on Deck: Mitigating Cyber Attacks

Appropriate disclosure, employing a risk-based approach, and creating a strong role for management will help issuers be responsive to mark trends and regulatory requirements.

Internet "Framing" is a Valid Ground for Copyright Infringement in Canada

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently held that internet "framing" is a valid ground for copyright infringement in Canada.

Net Neutrality is the General Rule: CRTC Releases Framework to Assess Differential Pricing

Retail internet service providers should treat all internet traffic equally, without manipulation, preference or discrimination through technical or economic means.

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