Shareholder Activism

The book on shareholder activism is being rapidly rewritten. Explore our resources on the ongoing evolution of activist-board dynamics and corporate governance.

Information Flows Between Nominee Directors and Their Appointing Shareholders

Getting a seat at the table through board nomination rights is one of the most common ways for minority investors to maintain oversight of their investment but questions remain about how information can flow between nominee directors and their appointing shareholders.

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Preparing for the 2018 Reporting Season

Boardroom diversity, proxy access, and executive compensation are just some of the corporate governance considerations.

Think Like an Activist: Sharon Geraghty on Shareholder Engagement

The best preparation for shareholder activists? Think like one.

Pursuit of Influence: How Today's Activism Will Change Your Boardroom Dynamic

As shareholders get closer to the boardroom than ever before, management feels both the benefits and pressures of shareholder influence.

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Women On Boards and in the C-Suite: Will Institutional Investors Close the Gender Gap?

Women are now on company boards more than ever - but there’s still progress to be made. Will investors push for change?

Proxy Access and Shareholder Engagement

In the U.S., over 200 companies have recently adopted proxy access by-laws. What is proxy access? Our lawyers explain.

Informed Shareholders Take the Steam Out of Deal Litigation

Shareholder lawsuits have saturated the U.S. M&A world, with 90% of deals made being brought to court—but this is changing.

Sharon Geraghty Authors Piece in Globe and Mail

Sharon’s piece speaks on the how boards need to deal with the ever increasing involvement of company shareholders.

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