Emerging Trends in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry in Canada is rapidly changing, stirring discussion about everything from new regulation to operations and investment opportunities. See below for our team's insights and experience in this evolving sector.

Cannabis Wheaton closes bought deal financing

Eileen McMahon Says Cannabis Security Clearance Requirements Moving "Up the Food Chain"

The rules, which are included in the Cannabis Regulations, will apply to owners, directors, controlling influences and other key players.

A New Leaf for Canada: Senate Passes Draft Cannabis Act

Read our team’s review of key Senate amendments to the Cannabis Act that were rejected by the House of Commons.

Canada's Draft Cannabis Act — Unprecedented in Every Way

What’s next for the amended draft Cannabis Act? Our lawyers explain the details.

Licenced Producers Should Dovetail IP Strategy with Business Plan

Watch Eileen McMahon talk about the importance of an intellectual property strategy for cannabis licenced producers.

Delayed Cannabis Legalization Would Have Significant Impact on Business

What would be the impacts if bill C-45 was to be delayed? Read what Eileen McMahon had to say on the issue. 

Debt Financing Strategies for the Canadian Cannabis Industry of Tomorrow

Read our team's thoughts on debt financing in the cannabis industry and how businesses will secure the funding they’ll need.

Eileen McMahon's Opinion on U.S. Cannabis Policy Included in Multiple Publications

Eileen McMahon discusses the potential knock on effects of the U.S. attorney general's stance on cannabis south of the border.


Cheryl Reicin Says Good Corporate Governance Imperative in Highly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Running a company in a highly regulated industry requires a lot of expertise and there will be a need for strong management.

Torys IP Work
joint venture for large-scale cannabis production

Canada/U.S. Cross-Border Cannabis Issues

The Canadian and U.S. cannabis landscapes differ greatly, creating cross-border issues. In this article, our lawyers discuss the disparity.

Time to Grow Up: Corporate Governance for the Cannabis Sector

How rapidly growing companies in the cannabis sector should approach corporate governance.

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