How to reduce exposure associated with pandemic-related corporate misconduct

The economic and workplace upheaval associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unique and intense pressures on businesses and market sectors. Work-from-home protocols, travel restrictions and shifting demands within workplaces are all putting strain on investigative priorities.

Due to these circumstances, business disruptions such as languishing financials and share price, pressured employees, and stressed business partners can lead to corporate misconduct. In turn, misconduct gives rise to corporate liability taking many forms, including breach of public company disclosure obligations, violation of health and safety or employment laws as well as bribery and other corrupt business practices.

Proactive, focused and remedial internal review and investigation at the first sign of questionable behavior should continue to be prioritized as a powerful tool to mitigate and neutralize the pernicious effects of misconduct. Companies should remain prepared to take steps to manage the risks posed by the pandemic and business disruptions. These steps include: a) tools to enhance identification of liability-inducing conduct; b) reviewing, assessing, and if warranted, investigating properly; and c) remediating and mitigating.

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