How Workplace Harassment can be Prevented

Partner Lisa Talbot has contributed to the Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab speaking about the #MeToo movement.

Lisa penned the article “How Workplace Harassment can be Prevented” which touches on a number of suggestions executives and corporate boards should consider to ensure they’re playing an “active role in eliminating conditions that could give rise to sexual harassment.”

Lisa’s article speak about setting the tone from the top, robust whistle-blower policies, handling complaints and employee training among other topics.

A small excerpt from the article is below.

And as #MeToo continues to shine a much-needed light into the dark corners of workplace harassment, it’s important for executives and corporate boards to understand their legal obligations as well. Failing to take appropriate action can potentially result in litigation, as well as damage to morale, productivity, reputation, and the strategic direction and prospects of a company.

Lisa and a team of Torys’ lawyers co-authored the original piece which was published as a part of the Q2 Torys Quarterly.

You can read “MeToo Readiness: Practical Advice for Corporate Leaders” on the Torys website.

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