Report on Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Just Around the Corner

The Task Force on marijuana legalization and regulation has completed its report to help guide the Government of Canada on the development of a framework for marijuana regulation. Translation of the report is expected to be completed in the coming days, at which point it will be made available to the public

What You Need To Know

  • The findings of the Task Force will inform the federal government on the best approach to regulating and restricting access to marijuana as it moves forward with legalization. The report is expected to address key concerns including effective prevention and harm reduction, ensuring safe and responsible production, and enforcing public safety.
  • The Task Force is chaired by the Honourable Anne McLellan, and vice-chaired by Dr. Mark Ware. It is comprised of nine experts in public health, substance abuse, law enforcement and justice.
  • The Task Force sought input from provincial, territorial and municipal governments, and representatives from Indigenous governments and organizations as well as experts in relevant fields, including: public health, substance abuse, criminal justice, law enforcement, economics, industry and those with expertise in production, sales and distribution. Canadians also had the opportunity to share their views through an online public consultation during the summer.  


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